November, 2017

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BCBT Digest

This is my online gazette, The BCBT Digest. I will write a blog post such as this, The BCBT Digest, and periodically address any follow-up on the news so that I may update my most recent posts. If there is a discussion on posts? I would love nothing more than to address anyone that has a voice in the comment box. Ideally, this will be the best part of the website, interacting with Educators and families. Additionally, the BCBT Digest will speak to the updates on the website. It will concisely summarize my current plan for the website to best serve you. I will regularly write a BCBT Digest, tying everything in nicely together.

A great deal has gone on since my last post, in the world, with me, and with my website. The world is changing in a nanosecond. Personally, I have been very busy with that thing called life. And, events are happening behind the scenes here with me on my laptop. For example, I purchased an SEO package that I am about halfway through figuring out. There are many facets to it; they are all different verifications on the World Wide Web and each one goes through a required process to verify. I did manage to verify my website on Google! That was an exciting development for me. Also, I purchased a Calendar of Events and an Event Aggregator. I am trying to figure out how to use both online tools at the moment. We will finally be able to keep track of important events that are happening in Literacy and across the nation on an actual calendar. I will keep on working on this! I may make a couple of public mistakes, but not on purpose ;). Keep an eye out for this new feature.

Additionally, as I mentioned on my bio page, I have been an internal committee member of the  National Council of Teachers of English for the national convention since September. That, of course, culminated with the NCTE’s 2017 Annual and National Convention in St Louis, Missouri. This wonderfully important event took place only recently. I enjoyed being an Internal Local Engagement Committee member and look forward to pursuing a friendship with another member who coincidentally happens to live nearby. I cannot stress enough how much I like discussing Literacy with like-minded – yet unique – people from across the US. In this case, cooperation, participation, and collaboration actually occurred in group video chats online. This committee was a creative time for myself and other members. What made it exciting to me was the learning experience itself and having to think on a national level. I have managed large events before, yet this was my first time teaming up for a national event. Round Tables, City Hall Meeting, Workshops, Silent March, were just a few of the events we planned. Great learning events! I gained so much and appreciate my experience with NCTE entirely.

Now, onto the blog posts for Insatiable Educational Soup – up until this point. There are six. My first blog post, ‘Choose Optimism, it Feels Better!’, uses Hellen Keller’s optimistic words. The meaning of this post is to essentially try new experiences so yourself and your students may benefit from the risk-taking and learn something new, and that – within itself – is choosing optimism in the classroom and in life. For example, using Twitter within the educator’s environment to make global connections. The possibility of using Twitter in the classroom is an enriching educational experience. Also, the use of famous quotes in your educational environment promotes critical thinking. Create a process that encourages strategies for critical thinking and use famous quotes often for an enriching educational experience. I also gave a few brief ideas that will also promote a positive and enriching educational experience for critical thinkers. Positivity is essential for educational success.

The second blog post, ‘How to Implement Famous Quotes into Your Routine’, was a follow-up to the previous post. Use engaging famous quotes, put them into your routine, and you will see a room full of guided critical thinkers. This idea can be used daily, weekly, or monthly. Famous Quotes in the educator’s environment is a positive and enriching experience for students.

‘Green Energy Grant Awarded’ is my third blog post which is a video from YouTube made by Florida Power & Light. It is intended to be a follow-up to my welcome page and bio; sharing a positive and enriching experience from my own work life that benefitted both myself and my young students. This was a very exciting experience for me; I use it to this day anytime I am contracted for Grant research and writing.

My fourth blog post, ‘Steps a Student Goes Through When Learning to Read’, seems to be a natural progression into a series of posts that include the PROCESSES of learning to read. How do students that are only beginners learn to read and write? That I did answer. Now I will include another post that continues with the following steps a reader goes through. Where do we go from the end of that post? What happens in the reader’s mind next? What is the process of learning to read after that point?

I wrote, ‘Love Teaching With Retro Audio, Video, Instant and Digital Cameras’, during the last month of summer. I thought it would be an amusing, interesting, and educational way for the students to delve into Literacy. Keep in mind that I do not recommend using only retro equipment! I want to supplement the incredible modern technology available today. The learning environment that Educator’s use today is wholeheartedly different from when I was growing up. Retro teaching can be a positive and enriching experience if completed correctly. After using the Retro equipment? I believe students will be excited to talk about their experiences with one another, as well as with their guardians and families. It’s different, it is relatively inexpensive, it’s hands-on fun, and is only intended for occasional use. Rock on, Retro!

My sixth post, the last one to revisit, deals with questions students were bound to ask at the beginning of this new school year, 2017-2018. Violence was and still is taking place across the US. Natural disasters were on the news continuously for long periods of time. Everyday events seemed chaotic at the beginning of this new school year. Students and Educators need to have open discussions about sadness and fear, or any other feelings they may feel the need to voice. One point of Insatiable Educational Soup is to help make your learning environment a safe haven for students of all ages. Another point is to exchange and share information for the success of the students in Literacy and across the curriculum. Educators and students both deserve to have open and honest relationships that allow for truth only in discussion, shared listening, and feelings of empowerment using their own words to deal with what is going on around us locally and across the United States. Discussing sensitive topics, such as equality for all, can be a positive and enriching experience in the educational environment.

That concludes the blog post discussion. The purpose of my first edition of BCBT Digest? To summarize for you, basically the content of this website as of yet. I am only just beginning! A little gazette of information, a little behind-the-scenes take on my now one-year-old Literacy website (yay!), and a little communication with you. Please feel free to comment! I am still learning about the comment boxes for this theme. So, wherever you can, when you can, comment! Share your ideas with me. I would love to hear from you and interact with you; that is my goal. As always, thank you for visiting and thank you for reading, this time… The BCBT Digest!